Want to learn about carpet soiling?

September 16th, 2016 by Posted in Cleaning

Here at AZ Precision we love learning about carpets. So we felt we would share some thoughts with you.

Coffee Stains on Carpet

Whatever the environment, carpets and hard floors are affected by both contact and airborne soiling. Soiling cannot always be identified easily, and with pile material like carpet, hidden soiling can be much greater than the visible soil.

We identify different types of soiling in our everyday life like sticky materials, stains, wet soil, dry solids etc.


Stains represent a small portion of soiling, but can be highly coloured so that carpets become dyed and soiled. Stains should be dealt with as quickly as possible.


Dry soil can normally be removed by vacuum cleaning. Extreme vacuuming can sometimes bring back the most soiled of carpets. In fact, carpets cannot be over vacuumed, but not vacuuming enough is one of the biggest mistakes people can make. If you cannot replace your old carpets, the absolute best method is to start with vacuuming. Most of the times, when the vacuuming programme has been so poor over the years, and you have got so much dry soil built up into the carpet, when you introduce water to try to extract it, you just get mud. In such cases, once accomplishing the extraction of the dry soil embedded deep in the fibres, you can start pre-spaying, deep agitation with an alkaline cleaner and extraction with clean water is recommended.


Sticki materials containing oil, grease or other sticky substances which are difficult to remove, require professional cleaning.


Spill can ruin your beautiful carpet in seconds. Don’t panic! If you spilled red wine, for example, absorb the liquid with clean dry cloth or plain white paper towels and while the red wine is still wet, pour some white wine on it to dilute the colour. Then clean the spot with cold water, sprinkle the area with salt and wait about ten minutes. Finally vacuum the whole mess.

Red wine spot on carpet

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