Tricky Dry Carpet Cleaning

July 21st, 2017 by Posted in Cleaning

Hello again! This time we would like to introduce you to the way dry carpet cleaning works.

So why dry cleaning?

Let’s say that some of the fabrics in the world do not like water thus making them a bit more difficult to clean than others. They simply need a special attention.

You may have heard about natural fibre flooring or you may already have one in your home. We are talking about natural fibres such as jute, coir, seagrass, and sisal. With natural flooring, we only recommend dry carpet cleaning method as any hot water extraction method will damage it and will cause colour loss.

dry carpet cleaning

We use the Host Dry Extraction Cleaning System with environmentally friendly Host granules sprinkled over your carpets. We always pre-vacuum the area first using powerful equipment, because most of the dirt in your carpets is just dry dirt. Next, we apply the granules, then we brush with the Host machine in different directions. The dry cleaner dissolves the dirt and then absorbs it without leaving a sticky residue. The last stage of the process is to vacuum again to remove the dry cleaner. It is possible some traces of the dry cleaner to be left in the carpets. Rest assured, they are not harmful and will go away after a few times vacuuming.

host dry clean system

As there is no water involved in this method, there is no danger of shrinkage or bad odours. The carpets are left clean and deodorised.

Need any dry carpet cleaning in London?

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